Summer Party Books

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Summer Party Books at Country House Library

Host the Best Summer Party With These Books

Are you looking to host the perfect vintage party this summer? This selection of brilliant books will help you do just that. Whether preparing for a barbeque, garden or dinner party, this fabulous collection of recipes, drinks and garden games will certainly ensure the contentment of you guests this summer.

Summer Party Food:

The Art of Simple French Cookery at Country House Library

The Art of Simple French Cookery, Alexander Watt (1960)

If you are looking for summer dinner party recipes, this book of fine French cookery may be just the thing! Having worked as chef-proprietor at the renowned Hôtel de la Côte d'Or, Watt’s knowledge of French cooking is superb. He shares 115 delicious recipes, chosen for their simplicity and ease of preparation. These meals are a great choice for when you have dinner guests as they need little attention. Containing tasty dishes for both large and small parties, this book is a great cookery guide for the summer dinner party host.

Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book at Country House Library

Better Homes and Gardens Barbeque Book, Various (1967)

Sharing more than 250 tempting barbeque recipes, this book is a must have summer garden guide. It includes advice on how to build your barbeque or fire as well as useful cooking tips. The recipes provided are practical and delicious and appeal to all the family! Although barbeque technologies and tools have changed since the 1960s, many of the tips and recipes shared can still be used to create the best vintage summer barbeque party. So gather your guests around the glowing grill and enjoy the tantalizing scents of summer!

Bestway Cookery Gift Book at Country House Library

Bestway Cookery Gift Book: Sixth Book, (Undated)

A summer party wouldn’t be complete without some sweet and fruity dishes. This excellent cookery book shares some mouth-watering recipes for a variety of cakes and pastries. These are a great choice if you are hosting a garden party or afternoon tea in the sunshine. The book takes you through a series of simple and experimental recipes so you can have some fun along the way. Though there are also some savoury dishes, the book mainly focuses on the sweet recipes which can be enjoyed by all those who love to bake!

Summer Party Drinks:

1700 Cocktails at  Country House Library

1700 Cocktails for the Man Behind the Bar, R. de Fleury (1934)

This rare book is filled with a delicious collection of cocktail recipes. At the time of its publication, it was the most comprehensive book on cocktails around. The book is divided into sections according to flavour, such as ‘sweet’, ‘dry’ and ‘long’ to enable swift cocktail making for the man – or woman! – behind the bar. With such a great variety of drinks to choose from, guests can enjoy a cool sip or two out in the garden before dinner. There are even some non-alcoholic options for those who prefer!

Wines of France at Country House Library

Wines of France, Alexis Lichine (1969)

Another book that is the perfect guide to hosting the perfect summer dinner party is this lovely volume. It contains a history of the best French wines as well as tips on how to buy, store and serve different varieties. Lichine spent time as a vine grower himself and his knowledge of the best vintages, domains and growers is extensive. He discusses regions across France, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cognac and Champagne and lesser known wine districts such as Provence and the Midi. This book is a wonderful dinner party guide and would follow on well from a starter of cocktails and hors d‘oeuvres.


Summer Party Entertainment:

The Pan Book of Party Games at Country House Library

The Pan Book of Party Games, Joseph Edmundson (1960)

No vintage summer party can be complete without some fun games. This book contains games for children, teenagers and adults alike, to be enjoyed both outdoors and indoors. The games are divided by occasion, such as those for New Year’s, Halloween, car journeys and beaches. There are silly games, serious games and those that can simply be played with cards and dice. These games are the perfect entertainment for all ages at a summer party, especially if the weather turns sour!

Who told you that at Country House Library

Who Told You That, “Quex” (Undated)

This little book is a social guide of sorts. It aims to help those less comfortable with social engagement to enjoy the pleasures that different events can bring. Written with humour, it details the rules which govern public and private social functions such as balls, suppers and parties. While a little old fashioned, it can be a fun little guide for the nervous party host. With tips on etiquette, dress, and conduit included, it is a good book for anyone looking to host the best summer party.

Hosting a party this summer?

If you’re hosting a party this summer, this list of books can help you make it the perfect occasion. With delicious food, carefully chosen drinks and fun games, your guests certainly won’t be disappointed and will hopefully remember the event for a long time.

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