Eric Linklater

"Linklater was notable for his craftsmanship, his sense of style, his love of wit, and his zest for life, all of which are apparent in his autobiographies." (ODNB)

Eric Linklater (1899-1974), Scottish and Orcadian author; a prolific and diverse writer, authoring 23 novels, 3 short-story anthologies, 2 children's books, respected biographies & histories as well as numerous plays and poems.

Linklater is perhaps best remembered today for his autobiographical Fanfare for a Tin Hat (1970) and his 1946 novel Private Angelo, both of which drew extensively upon his own war-time experiences, as well as his entertaining Poet's Pub (1929), a group of stories set in the fictional Pelican Pub in Downish - one of the original titles commissioned by Penguin Books founder Allen Lane.