Wholesome Books and Genres for Mental Health Awareness Month

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With all of us being stuck indoors, it's more important than ever to look after our mental well-being as much as our physical health. Though we may be limited with our options when it comes to making the most of isolation, reading is always a useful hobby for clearing your mind, relaxing, and enjoying yourself whilst feeling like you're doing something productive. So instead of wasting yet another hour scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, why not pick up a book or novel instead? Below is a list of genres that can be incredibly useful for making you feel good inside, whether by providing wholesome activities to try or by simply offering a little fun and excitement from the comfort of your own home.



As we pointed out in our previous blog post, the banana bread craze is still going strong. What better time to make the most of your kitchen, the room where true happiness is cooked up, than now? Baking and cookery books provide the option of conjuring up dishes new or familiar, allowing you to remain active and treat yourself with tastes from across the world without stepping through your front door. Food truly is one of the greatest comforts - just try not to enjoy that comfort a little too much!


Gardening and Nature

Even if you can't get out and visit your usual favourite outdoor spots for a little meditation and contemplation, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying spring with a spot of gardening on your own property. Even if you don't have the luxury of owning a garden at this trying time, you can still pick up a nature book and visit your favourite places in the world in your mind. Maybe you can even start a list of all the natural locations you'll travel to once all this is over!


Fantasy and Adventure

Not much captures the mind the same as a great fantasy or adventure book. Reading about the trials and tribulations of unlikely heroes, exploring vast and creative landscapes, reading fictional histories, and befriending fantastical creatures... when it comes to needing a little dose of escapism, fantasy ticks all the boxes. So if you're feeling a little stuck and the days are blending into one, introduce a little excitement into your life with a good fantasy read. We guarantee you'll be feeling more alive and creative than ever in no time!



Now, more than ever, happiness and enjoyment should be a priority. It's hard staying positive when we're so limited in the ways we can enjoy ourselves, but introducing a little extra humour into your life can go a long way. If you feel like that funny bone is in need of a good tickle, comedy books are an excellent source of hilarious entertainment to help see you through a rather glum period. What's better for the soul than a little laughter?

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