Voss by Patrick White - Penguin Books 1960

Title: Voss
Author: Patrick White
Publisher: penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 1960
Format: Paperback
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.
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Reader's note

The plot of this novel ‘Voss’ by Patrick White is of epic simplicity: in 1845 Voss sets out with a small band to cross the Australian continent for the first time. The tragic story of their terrible journey and its inevitable end is told with imaginative understanding. The figure of Voss takes on superhuman proportions until he appears to those around him as both a deliverer and destroyer. The true record of Ludwig Leichart, who died in the Australian desert in 1848, suggested Voss to the author. Add a pop of orange to your bookshelf with this bright vintage edition of Voss by Patrick White.