Vintage Penguin Handbook: Trees and Shrubs by W. H. Rowe 1951


Title: Trees and Shrubs

Author: W. H. Rowe

Publisher: Penguin

Publication Date: 1951

Format: Softcover

The book is in good condition for its age and staining, there may be some damage or an inscription on the cover; a delightful addition to any library!

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Reader's note

A beautiful vintage Penguin gardening handbook, complete with illustrations and photos throughout--one among a bounty of decorative antique books and vintage Penguin books on our used bookstore!

"This little volume is not a text-book, nor is it intended for the professional horticulturalist. Rather is it addressed to all those who love trees and desire to use them for the beautifying of gardens, roads, or open spaces; it is for those who wish to see more trees growing in town and countryside. The possible uses of trees cover a wide range - from the owner of a small garden who requires a hedge or a few shrubs, to the landowner who wishes to create large belts for shelter and timber"