Thomson's Poetical Works


Title: Thomson's Poetical Works

Author: J.Macwhirter & Geo Hay

Publisher: William P Nimmo

Publication Date: Undated

Format: Hardback

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. Some pages are stained.
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Reader's note

This vintage book contains poems by James Thomson and is illustrated. The life of the Poet of the Seasons is a simple record of the uneventful career of a student and a man of letters of the eighteenth century. It contains few occurrences which claim the ear of the public; is embellished by few incidents to distinguish the poet from scores of his fellows; and there are even a few anecdotes extant to serve - which anecdotes sometimes do- This decorative book would make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys the work of James Thomson or has an interest in eighteenth century poets.