The Observer's Book of Weather by Reginald M. Lester 1960-2

Title: The Observer's Book of Weather
Author: Reginald M. Lester
Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co.
Publication Date: 1960-2
Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. Comes with dust jacket. May have inscription on the first page.

Reader's note

Enjoy another piece of classic literary history with this rare, vintage book by Reginald M. Lester. This book, written in non-technical language for the amateur observer, provides an up-to-date guide to all branches of weather study. There are 16 pages of colour illustrations, 48 pages of half-tones, and many text drawings. The illustrations include some from the famous Clarke Collection of cloud photographs, considered to be among the finest in the world.

“Clouds and sunset colours undoubtedly provide some of the most wonderful spectacles of nature, but there are also other weather phenomena that far surpass anything that man can devise on the earth below. Who can fail to be thrilled by the beauty of the rainbow? That mysterious arc of many colours call forth exclamations of wonder and admiration from the most materially minded people.”

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