The Observer's Book of Soccer by Albert Sewell Fourth Edition 1978


Title: Soccer

Author: Albert Sewell

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co

Publication Date: 1978

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The dust jacket has been torn slightly and is yellowing. The cover has been dented in some areas.
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Reader's note

Soccer is the most international of all games. There is hardly a country in the world where it is not played. Its origins are essentially British, so it is entirely appropriate that it should be the subject of a book in the long-established Observer’s Pocket Series. The volume is continually brought up to date and this edition reflects all the recent changes in the game, both in Britain and abroad. Each of the 92 Football League clubs is detailed in achievements and statistics, the Scottish clubs have their special place and, reflecting the growth of the game on the Continent, the leading European clubs are well represented. The history of the World Cup is traced back to its inception in 1930, and so are the principal European tournaments for clubs and countries. The Records Section capsules the growth of the game from its infant beginnings to the giant that touches the lives of most of us since we can nearly all now watch the game as it is played almost anywhere on earth. It all makes The Observer’s Book of Soccer an encyclopaedia that will appeal to all followers of the game, young or old.