The Observer's Book of Coarse Fishing by Peter Wheat Reprinted Edition 1977


Title: Coarse Fishing

Author: Peter Wheat

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co

Publication Date: 1977

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The dust jacket is yellowing and slightly curling around the edges. Text on the spine of the dust jacket has faded. Also, there is an inscription on the first endpaper.
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Reader's note

Angling is an ancient pastime which has never lost its appeal. In many countries it is significant as being the most popular participant sport of them all - a fact particularly apparent here in Britain, as well as i other parts of Europe, where literally millions of individuals escape the daily grind of modern life by devoting leisure hours to hunt fish. Coarse fishing is a subdivision of the sport which boasts a particularly large following, and in this book Peter Wheat, a self-confessed fanatic, offers the right kind of down-to-earth advice which will be found invaluable not only the complete newcomer but also to the angular with a little experience seeking now to improve his ability to catch more and larger fish.