The Gorilla Hunters by R M Ballantyne


Title: The Gorilla Hunters

Author: R M Ballantyne

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: Undated

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The spine is damaged and the pages are yellowing and have age spots. There is a stamp on the free endpaper.
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Reader's note

“No,” said I, “it does not. I am only an amateur, having a sufficiency of this world’s goods to live on without working for my bread. But although my dear father at his death left me a small fortune, which yields me three hundred a year, I do not feel entitled to lead the life of an idler in this busy world, where so many are obliged to toil night and day for the bare necessaries of life. I have therefore taken to my favourite studies as a sort of business...' This excellent and exciting adventure story would be a wonderful addition to any library!