The Good Little Christmas Tree by Ursula Moray Williams 1976

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Title: The Good Little Christmas Tree

Author: Ursula Moray Williams

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

Publication Date: 1976

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. It is an ex-library book and contains stamps and markings. The boards are worn and the pages are yellowing.

Reader's note

One snowy Christmas Eve a peasant father walked home through the forest carrying a Christmas Tree for his children. It was neither a very tall nor a very fine tree; while the peasant, being a poor man, had no money to deck it about with gold and silver tinsel, dolls, kites, toys and all the rest, but he did not worry overmuch about it. He knew his wife would discover something in the chest to make the little tree look splendid, and his children, who had never had such a thing in the house before, would be very well pleased...this cozy family tale can be enjoyed for people of all ages throughout the year!