The Dying Saviour and the Gipsy Girl by Marie Hall 1878

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Title: The Dying Saviour and the Gipsy Girl and other stories

Author: Marie Hall

Publisher: Unwin Brothers

Publication Date: 1878

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age. The pages are yellowing and have age spots and the boards are worn. There is an inscription on the free endpaper.

Reader's note

Three hundred years ago, an artist was standing before an easel in a quaint old studio, whose windows looked into the narrow street of a busy German city. He had stood in the same spot ever since the sun had risen and peeped in through the little diamond window panes. Now it was high noon, and still his skillful hand continued to labour. As the shadows became shorter and shorter on the whitened walls of his room, he paused a moment and glanced down the street. An impatient expression escaped his lips as he turned again to the easel, and dashed on the colours with hasty and almost reckless strokes....This stunning book from 1878 is as beautiful inside as it is within! A fine addition to any antique collection!