Shirley by Charlotte Brontë - Collins

Title: Shirley
Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: Collins Clear-Type Press
Publication Date: Undated
Format: Leather Bound
Condition: The book is in fair condition for its age apart from some signs of wear. The spine is damaged and there are inscriptions on the first and last pages.

Reader's note

A wonderful small copy of Shirley, bound in burgundy leather. Shirley is Charlotte Brontë’s second novel after her wildly popular Jane Eyre. Set in Yorkshire during the industrial depressions resulting from the Napoleonic Wars. It follows two distinctly different heroines, the shy and uncertain Caroline Helstone, trapped and tucked away in a rectory, and Shirley Keeldar, independent and vivacious, heiress to a fortune and determined to live as she pleases. This book combines the private musings of Jane Eyre, set against social commentary.
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