Reading Without Tears Part 1 1890

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Title: Reading Without Tears Part 1 or a Pleasant Mode of Learning to Read

Publisher: Longman's & Co.

Publication Date: 1890

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age. The pages are yellowing and have markings, there is also some markings to the cover.

Reader's note

Pretty pictures or stories embellish each page, that the rosy, the blue-eyed, and flaxen-hair'd age, may they learn their first book without shedding a tear. May the learners of this - love the heavenly page, that in wither'd dim-sighted, and hoary-haired age, they may clasp their last book as they drop their last tear. This delightful book was first published in 1890 and is designed to help children learn to read! Even adults can appreciate the charming illustrations and beautiful words contained within! A must have for any collection!