Olive Roscoe by E Everett Green


Title: Olive Roscoe

Author: E Everett Green

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: Undated

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age. The boards are faded and the spine is discoloured. The pages are yellowing.
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Reader's note

The first sweet breath of spring was in the air. The faint fragrance of primroses stole to the senses, borne by the light, balmy breeze. The buds on the trees were swelled almost to bursting, and upon chestnut and sycamore tufts of delicate young green were already hanging out. Birds were carolling joyously. The blue of the sky was soft and tender, flecked with fleecy cloud...Olive Roscoe paused in her walk at this point to gaze about her with eyes that drank in great draughts of beauty...This charming decorative book will add a touch of class and character to any library!