The Observer's Book of Golf by Tom Scott 1982

Title: Golf
Author: Tom Scott
Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co
Format: Hardcover - the book you receive will have either of the three covers shown in the photos
This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The spine is faded and slightly discoloured. There may be a front inscription.

Reader's note

"A disgraceful recreation ... to be utterly cryed downe" reads the Scottish royal decree of 1457 prohibiting the game of golf. Such was the fascination, however, that the Scots defied the act and continued to play - fortunately for future generations. Today golf is played all over the world and more than ever holds its millions of devotees in its thrall. Modern golf is a highly sophisticated game, with a lore and language of its own. The present book is designed not only as a guide for those who wish to be initiated into its mysteries but for all golf enthusiasts. The central part of the text contains an A-Z reference section in which golfing terms are explained, interesting facts and figures given, with references to the etiquette and rules of the game. A short history of golf is included as well as a chapter on the clubs used with helpful line drawings, and further sections on famous golfing figures (past and present), British and Americans clubs and courses, leading championships and tables of winners.
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