Observer's Book of Association Football 1972

Title: Association Football
Author: Albert Sewell
Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co
Publication Date: 1972
Format: Hardcover
This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The dust jacket may be stained and grubby, and the fore and top edge of the book may be tanned with age with age spots as well. Corners of the dust jacket may be creased.
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Reader's note

More than a century ago Britain gave Association Football to the world. Today it is played and watched more widely than any other sport on earth, so it is fitting that this should be the subject which now takes the long-established Observer's Pocket Series into the sporting field. From the Foreword by Sir Alf Ramsey to the concluding Records Section--which presents England's complete International results in a form not previously published--the game is tackled objectively and comprehensively. Featured among the 16 pages of colour are the shirts of all the principal British teams. The art section also contains many of the game's historic pictures, and there are photographs of 20 of the world's modern stars. With its informed and perceptive writing, valuable reference and attractive illustration, the book, like Football itself, will appeal to readers of all ages.