Kitty Carroll by L.E. Tidderman


Title: Kitty Carroll
Author: L.E.Tidderman
Publisher: Blackie & Son Ltd
Publication Date: Undated
Format: Hardback

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear and ageing. There is an inscription on the first page.
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Reader's note

A little girl, a very little girl indeed-smaller than she should have been, for she was seven years of age already,- stood in a very big room with her face pressed against the window pane. Such a funny little face it was, with a roguish twinkle in the big, dark eyes, which were as near black as eyes could be, and had long lashes that curled upwards, just as if they had been put into paper overnight. This charming vintage book would make a delightful read and the beautifully illustrated book cover means it will brighten up any home! Perfect for a winter's night!