Illustrated: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott - Purnell and Sons

Title: Little Women with Illustrations by Percy Tarrant
Author: Louisa M Alcott
Publisher: Purnell and Sons
Publication Date: c. 1920s
Format: Hardcover
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear; water damage to back cover and a small mark on the spine.
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Reader's note

This is a delightful orange coloured decorative edition of the classic Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott and illustrated by Percy Tarrant. This vintage classic tells of how four sisters Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth, outspoken for their time, grow up, find love and find their place in the world. Preface: "Go then, my little Book, and show to all The entertain, and bid thee welcome shall, What thou dost keep close shut up in thy breast; And wish what thou dost show them may be blest."