Georgian Poets - Pocket Poets


Title: Georgian Poets

Author: Edited by Alan Pryce-Jones

Publisher: Edward Hulton

Publication Date: 1959

Format: Softback

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear and ageing. There is an inscription.
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Reader's note

‘What is it to be a poet?’ The question is Lord Dunsany’s, and it stands in the epigraph to the first volume of Edward Marsh’s Georgian Poetry (1911-1912). It stands by virtue of the answer: to be a poet is ‘to see at a glance the glory of the world, to see beauty in all its forms and manifestations, to feel ugliness like a pain, to resent the wrongs of others as bitterly as one’s own, to know mankind as others know single men, to know Nature as botanists know a flower, to be thought a fool, to hear at moments the clear voice of God.’ This vintage book would make a wonderful addition to any collection!