First Edition Penguin Score: Brahm's Violin Concerto in D 1954

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Title: Violin Concerto in D

Composer: Brahm

Publisher: Penguin

Publication Date: 1954

Edition: 1st

Format: Softcover

The book is in good condition for its age; a delightful addition to any library!

Reader's note

Add a dash of blue to the bookshelf with this stylish first edition Penguin score of Brahm's Violin Concerto in D--a gem among a bounty of out of print rare books and stunning vintage Penguin books on our 2nd hand bookstore! 'This concerto was first performed on New Year's dat 1879 by Joseph Joachim, for whom it was written. It had been on the stocks for a considerable time and its publication had been delayed by te fact that the solo part took a long time to reach its final shape. Brahms was not a violinistand he therreforehad to rely a great deal on the advice and suggestions of Joachim in order to ensure that the violin part should be laid out as effectively as possible.'