Dyeing and Chemical Technology of Textile Fibres by E.R. Trotman


Title: Dyeing and Chemical Technology of Textile Fibres

Author: E.R. Trotman

Publisher: Griffin London

Publication Date:1964

Format: Hardback

This ex library book book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.
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Reader's note

The basic object of this wholly rewritten and enlarged edition is to give the technical background and information required by the practising dyer and finisher, and to equip him to keep abreast of current developments. It is taken for granted that the modern student or technical dyer has made an adequate study of chemistry, and the space devoted to that subject in the earlier editions has been replaced, therefore, by the descriptions of the properties and the technology of the synthetic fibres. This book is a rare find and truly unique that provides an in depth and knowledgeable read.