Badminton: Know The Game 1983

Title: Badminton
Author: Multiple
Publisher: Educational Productions
Publication Date: 1983
Format: Paperback
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.
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Reader's note

Badminton derives its name from the seat of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire where it was first played in the 1860’s. Not until 1893 however, was any central association of clubs formed. This was the Badminton Association which, upon the formation of the International Badminton Federation in 1934, changed its name to the Badminton Association of England, and thereby restricted its jurisdiction to England. Badminton is essentially a sportsman’s game. It requires stamina, metal alertness in anticipation and movement, the supple wrist of the fencer, and the maintenance of a cool and unruffled temperament. Cooped with these attributes must be a sound knowledge of the game in all its branches, and for the latter we recommend a careful study of this booklet.