Alexandre Dumas's Chicot the Jester


Title: Chicot the Jester

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Publisher: Collins

Publication Date: Undated

Format: Softcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.
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Reader's note

But, nevertheless, he ran to meet the king, who had quitted at last his somber costume, and advanced resplendent in satin, feathers, and jewels. But at the instant he entered another door opened just opposite, and a second Henri III., clothed exactly like the first, appeared, so that the courtiers, who had run to meet the first, turned round at once to look at the second....Henri III. saw the movement, and exclaimed:...“What is the matter, gentlemen?"...A burst of laughter was the reply. The king, not naturally patient, and less so that day than usual, frowned; but St. Luc approached, and said:...“Sire, it is Chicot, your jester, who is dressed exactly like your majesty, and is giving his hand to the ladies to kiss!.”...this classic and witty tale from the mind of Alexandre Dumas can still raise a smile 250 years after it was published! This beautiful green version from Collins will be a wonderful addition to any library!