A Collection of European National Dances

Titles: ‘Dances of Sweden’, ‘Dances of France’, ‘Dances of Austria’
Author: Erik Salven, Claudie Marcel-Dubois and Marie Marguerite Andral, Katharina Breuer
Publisher: Max Parrish and Company
Publication Date: 1949-1950
Format: Hardbacks with dust jackets
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear such as some minor tears on the spines.
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Reader's note

This collection of vintage books on European National Dances includes the titles ‘Dances of Sweden’, ‘Dances of France’ and ‘Dances of Austria’. The lakes and pine forests of Sweden are a natural setting for peasant arts and crafts, and these ,particularly the Swedish folk dances, are justly famous wherever such things are loved and appreciated. Though France is, above all, the land of civilized sophistication, the old popular traditions still live on in the countryside. In their folk dances, as their music and costume, the different regions present a rich variety. ‘Congress is dancing’ said the Prince de Ligne of the Congress of Vienna, and in 1814, when he made his famous quip, dancing was already part and parcel of Austrian life. This beautifully decorative set would make a brilliant addition to your book collection.