Eric Maple’s Scary Stories Collection: Three Illustrated Books 1960s

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Title: The Dark World of Witches, The Domain of Devils, The Realm of Ghosts
Author: Eric Maple
Publisher: Pan Books Ltd
Publication Date: 1965-1969
Format: paperbacks
Condition: These books are in good condition for their age other than some minor signs of wear and page discoloration.

Reader's note

These three spooky books tell stories of ghosts, devils and witches. The Dark World of Witches is a comprehensive history of British witchcraft which incorporates information that had never before appeared in print - the results of original research by Eric Maple. The Realm of Ghosts is a scholarly and exciting account of ghosts and their hauntings through the ages. The Domain of Devils tells of those mysterious devils that have created havoc in medical monasteries, inflaming the inhabitants with terrible dreams. This collection of three of Eric Maple’s finest works is sure to bring a chill to your blood.