The Obscure Book Club


Here at the Country House Library, we’re surrounded by shelves and shelves (and shelves) of the most delectable, characterful, unusual and in some cases downright bizarre vintage books ever published. In fact, if you stand very quietly you might just hear the faint sound of a browsing book nerd - a quiet chuckle here, a low gasp there, and every so often, a mumble of sheer outrage.

For us, there’s nothing better than discovering a hidden gem or a long-forgotten author, which is why we created the Obscure Book Club - to celebrate them. However, the club is more than just a chance to enjoy the fabulously obscure, it’s about resurrecting tragically overlooked novels and promoting true fandom, about sharing our passion and beginning a debate, about meeting people with the same interests, and of course, finding a loving new home for a wonderful book.


Every month we pick and review a new and temptingly enigmatic book for you to try, with our founder and chief book nerd, Amelia, running a live Twitter discussion about it. Best of all, the first twenty people to comment on the book’s page each month get a free copy. If you’re not one of the lucky ones then you’ll need to buy your copy – although we think you’ll find it a worthwhile investment.

For the next six months of upcoming obscurity click here, and if you can’t make the live discussion and want to see previous conversations, you can use that
month’s hashtag to read back through them.


Enjoy airing your views and want to earn a free book for doing so? Write a 200-word review and once it’s published you’ll receive a £3 voucher towards your next purchase, not to mention a whole lot of kudos from the Obscure Book Club community. Click here to find out more. 


If you already love talking, sharing, discussing or blogging about books, or use them in a stylish setting, and have the followers to match, why not apply to become an Obscure Book Club ambassador. Click here to find out how.