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Writers have long created magical, adventurous and absorbing tales for children. This list displays an array of wonderful books, perfect for gifting this Christmas. From magical walking sticks, hobgoblins and incorrigible children to tales of survival, jungle animals and secret gardens, there is plenty to choose from. 



I’ll Tell you a Story, Enid Blyton (1943)


This beautiful book is one of Blyton’s lesser known works. The volume contains some of her best stories, telling of talking toys, flitting fairies, courageous children and amazing animals. Each page is filled with wonderful characters, such Elf Tiptoe, Dame Waddle and Mr. Miggle the greedy old gnome. While it must be remembered that this book was published in 1943, the magical nature of Blyton’s stories still delights many children today. 



The Magic Walking Stick, John Buchan (1932)


The Magic Walking Stickis a fantastical tale, suited to all children who dream of adventure. It is a one of a kind classic, telling of thirteen year old Bill and a pair of magical walking sticks. The sticks have the power to take him anywhere he wishes, but there’s a catch. One ceases to function if used for practical purposes, the other if it is not, but Bill doesn’t know which one is which… The tale is enchanting and with stories from the Arabian Nights collected in the same volume, it makes for a wonderful gift. 



The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgeson Burnett (2021)


This new edition ofThe Secret Garden,with it’s stunning floral cover and gold edged pages, is the perfect Christmas gift. First published in 1911, the story introduces Mary Lennox, a foul-tempered, unsightly little girl living in British India with her parents. Following an outbreak of cholera, she is sent to her Uncle’s estate in Yorkshire where she learns about a wonderful secret garden. Telling of love and loss, nature and the rejuvenation of the human spirit, this heart-warming read has delighted children for decades. 



The Katy Omnibus, Susan Coolidge (1949)


The first book in this collection,What Katy Did, introduces readers to 12-year-old Katy Carr who lives in the fictional town of Burnet in Ohio. Despite her desire to be beautiful and good, untidy tomboy Katy is continually getting herself into scrapes. The second book in this volume, What Katy Did at School,continues to trace Katy’s attempts to be good and the temptations along the way. Both books are funny and moving, telling of domestic life and the trials and tribulations of a schoolgirl. 



Just William, Richmal Crompton (1968)


Originally published in 1922, this much loved classic is the first in a series of thirty-eight books about unruly schoolboy, William Brown. Although penned across six decades, William remains eleven-years-old as the decades go by around him. Throughout the series William, and his band of friends known as the Outlaws, faces many trials and tribulations, often ending up in trouble despite his good intentions. The books are filled with humour, adventure, friendship and the vivid imagination of an incorrigible young boy. 



The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling (2012)


The Jungle Book is a well-known classic and this beautiful new edition, with it’s monkey spattered hardback cover, would make a charming Christmas gift. Readers are taken deep into the jungle, to the animal kingdom far away from the world of men where Baloo the bear, Shere Kahn the tiger and the man-cub Mowgli roam wild. This volume also contains other animal tales, both dramatic and macabre. The book is magnificent, a spiritual masterpiece, filled with brilliant storytelling that can only be found between the pages of the book itself. 



A  Cauldron of Magical Stories, Pat Thompson (2000)


Ten magical tales about hobgoblins, witches and enchanted animals. Readers will come across wonderful creatures and characters, such the last wolf in England, a fisherman who sails through the air and a prince who will do anything for his grumpy princess. These tales are utterly spellbinding, penned by a collection of brilliant writers including Astrid Lindgren, Kevin Crossley-Holland and Adele Gera. Each tale will enlighten childish imaginations, transporting readers to all kinds of wonderful, magical places. 



The Father Christmas Letters, J. R. R. Tolkein 


This book is the perfect Christmas gift for children who love to read. First written by Tolkein as letters to his children from Father Christmas, each page is filled with a wealth of wonderful stories that document the travels and adventures of Father Christmas and his helpers. Readers are transported all the way to the North Pole, meeting a clumsy Polar Bear, menacing goblins,  reindeer and elves along the way. Telling of mischief, battles and adventure, this volume showcases Tolkein’s vivid imagination and his ability to capture the hearts and minds of his readers. 



Swiss Family Robinson, Johann David Wyss 


Caught in a raging storm while at sea, a Swiss pastor, his wife and their four sons become the sole survivors of a shipwreck. Swept up on a deserted tropical island, they are forced to construct a life for themselves and work together to survive. The novel carries with it elements ofRobinson Crusoeand is a story of endurance, bravery and a family determined to survive against the odds. It is a gripping, well-told tale and the perfect gift for any child with a keen sense of adventure. 






White Rabbit bookmark and Journal 


A bookmark can make a wonderful addition to any stack of books. This White Rabbit bookmark, with its detailed artwork, could easily be slipped inside a Christmas stocking. Along with an Alice in Wonderland hardback journal, featuring with lined paper, coloured edges and a ribbon marker, it would make a perfect gift for a child who loves to read and write. 


Found what you were looking for? 

With such a wonderful list of children’s books, there’s plenty to choose from this Christmas. If you think you’ve found the perfect gift, make sure you buy it in time for Christmas Day!

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