Willie and Lucy at the Seaside by Agnes Giberne 1913

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Title: Willie and Lucy at the Seaside
Author: Agnes Giberne
Publisher: The Religious Tract Society
Publication Date: 1913
Format: Hardback
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear such as a loose illustration, and inscription note inside the cover from 1913.

Reader's note

This beautiful, decorative edition of Willie and Lucy at the Seaside by Agnes Giberne was published in 1913. The book tells the story of two children and their adventures at the seaside - from sand castles to donkey rides, canoeing to hiking, this book is sure to be loved by all children with an adventurous spirit. A great bedtime story for these wintery nights, or a gift for a decorative book collector. Add a pop of brown with a beautiful floral spine to your bookshelf.