The Wild Pigs by Gerald Young 1899


Title: The Wild Pigs: A story for little people

Author: Gerald Young

Publisher: Swan Sonnenschein

Publication Date: 1899

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The boards are worn and have markings. The pages are yellowing and have age spots.
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Reader's note

It is some time ago since I told my children the story of 'The Wild Pigs' and I find that now they crave for stronger food, and that I cannot set such a simple dish before them. It is a comfort, however, to think of the many homes with little people who are not yet too old to take an interest in the adventures of Chunk, Fusky, and Snout, and who, even if they cannot read, can anyhow point with their little pink fingers to the pictures Mr Parkinson has drawn with so much skill. To these little unknown friends I commend the fortunes of 'The Wild Pigs'...this delightful book from 1899 will warm your soul as you curl up in a hammock dreaming of summer! A beautiful antique childrens book to add to your library today!