The Pleasure Garden by H. L. V. Fletcher 1967

Title: The Pleasure Garden
Author: H. L. V. Fletcher
Publisher: Gardening Book Club Edition
Publication Date: 1967
Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.
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Reader's note

This wonderful vintage edition of ‘The Pleasure Garden’ by H. L. V. Fletcher is a detailed book all about growing a beautiful garden. The author has previously written a book called ‘The Beginner’s Garden’ but states that this more advanced book is ‘for people who have gardens - I don’t mean this book is for experts’ It includes topics such as The Mixed Border, Flowers for the Shade, Edging Plants,Little Known Shrubs, Flowers for Winter and House Plants and many other interesting topics. This is the perfect gift for any garden lover and the decorative floral cover would mean it would look on any shelf or coffee table.