Round the Year Stories - Autumn Book 1939-41

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Title: Round the Year Stories - Autumn Book
Author: Maribel Edwin
Publisher: Nelson
Publication Date: 1939 - 1941
Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear such as some tears on the dust jacket. The book inside is in very good condition.

Reader's note

This delight copy of Round the Year Stories - Autumn Book by Maribel Edwin features beautiful illustrations by Raymond Sheppard who was known as known of the best of the younger Nature artists of his day. This book tells of the autumnal goings on of the natural world told in an almost fictional way. With stories of animals that Edwin saw and was told stories about. This book would make the perfect gift for an autumn lover this festive season. Curl up by the fire and delve into this informative and beautifully written seasonal book.