Books By The Foot: Vintage Jewel Colours

Images show examples of what you will receive. Titles will vary.
Approx. 5-6 books per half-foot (6 inches). 10-12 books per foot (12 inches).

Author: Various
Publisher: Various
Publication Date: Various
Format: Hardcover
Condition: Vintage / Various

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Reader's note

Jewel coloured books by the foot, available in varying measurements depending on your requirements. Great for interior design and decor. Create your own antique library with our jewel coloured books by the foot. Available as a wide selection of materials, editions, and styles from across the decades, this selection will add both a wave of colour and a dash of class to any bookshelf it graces. Pick your measurement and we will hand curate a jewel books by the foot collection worthy of even the most avid reader’s personal library.