Books By The Foot: Gold and Cream Collection

They say you shouldn’t judge books by their cover, but it’s hard not to when books come as beautiful as these. Lending a gorgeous light to whatever space they occupy, these gold and cream books by the foot are ideal for interior decor and design. Choose the measurement/quantity you’re looking for, and we will hand curate a unique selection of gold and cream hardbacks you’re sure to love.

Images show examples of what you will receive. Titles will vary.

Approx. 5-6 books per half-foot (6 inches). 10-12 books per foot (12 inches).

Author: Various
Publisher: Various
Publication Date: Various
Format: Hardcover
Condition: Vintage / Various
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Reader's note

Gold and cream books by the foot, available at the measurement you need. Ideal for brightening up any interior personal or professional space.