Girl Neighbours by Sarah Tytler c.1908

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Title: Girl Neighbours
Author: Sarah Tytler
Publisher: Blackie and Son
Publication Date: c.1908
Condition: This book is in a good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.

Reader's note

This lovely edition of Girl Neighbours by Sarah Tytler has a bright blue decorative cover with floral details and a gold border on the cover. The spine is equally as beautiful meaning this book would look wonderful on any bookshelf. This edition contains many paintings by Charles Trevor Garland which have been printed in black and white. However this does not detract from the stunning artwork which helps to bring the story to life. “It was a plain though comfortable sitting-room for a family in the Stubb’s station of life. Perhaps Mrs. Stunns defined its charatoer when she persisted in calling it by the old fashioned name which her mother might have used, ‘parlour’, instead of drawing room. Somehow, in its respectability, unqualified substantiality, and formal neatness, it seemed to have more relation to the mistress than to the master of the house.”