First Edition: The Dracula Archives by Raymond Rudorff 1971

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Title: The Dracula Archives
Author: Raymond Rudorff
Publisher: David Bruce and Watson
Publication Date: 1971
Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Condition: This book is in good condition for its age other than some signs of wear, particularly on the corners and dust jacket.

Reader's note

This vintage first edition of The Dracula Archives by Raymond Rudorff reveals the full story of Dracula's past and how he came to be a vampire. This horror book consists of extracts from private letters and the diaries of people involved in a terrifying succession of adventures and and tragedies and have been complied by the mysterious narrator, who has disquieting reasons of his own for investigating the past of the House of Dracula. Since 1897, when Stoker's book first published, Count Dracula has been terrfiying and haunting the world's imaginations. Film after film has been inspired by the vampire-count but only now is the veil lifted from over the terrible past of the Dracula race, and do we learn how a summons came through the centuries and brought something infinitely more terrible than death to those who answer it.