Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

Title: Decline and Fall
Author: Evelyn Waugh
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 1950s
Format: Paperback
Condition: This book is in fair condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear, particularly on the spine.
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Reader's note

This orange penguin book was published in 1928, the first novel of Evelyn Waugh, and a social satire based on his own experiences as a teacher. Set in England and Wales in the 1920's, the protagonist, Paul Pennyfeather, accepts passively all that befalls him. Expelled for indecent behaviour from Scone College, Oxford, he becomes a teacher. This book explores the societal conventions of the time surrounding education, values, marriage, the divisions in social classes, honour, racism, human behaviour, and the helplessness of man before the uncontrollable and often inevitable aspects of life. This vintage book would make a delightful addition to any library.