Curries of India

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Title: Curries of India

Author: Harvey Day assisted by Sarojini Mudnani

Publisher :Nicholas Kaye Ltd

Publication Date: 1963

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some signs of wear and ageing.

Reader's note

A selection of seventy traditional recipes, introduced with a discussion of how the idea of currying food originated, of the many spaces and flavourings used, and their often beneficial properties. Harvey Day points out that India’s curries are as varied as her peoples and explodes into the myth that curry has to excoriate the plate to be good! Hot, mild or melow, with or without rice, with bases of meat, game, fish, eggs or vegetable varieties of curry are almost endless. This book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves indian food and they are surely to heat up the kitchen using this inspiring cookbook