Charlotte Brontë's The Professor and Poems 1926


Title: The Professor and Poems

Author: Charlotte Brontë

Publisher: John Murray

Publication Date: 1926

Format: Hardcover

The book is in good condition for its age; a delightful addition to any library!
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Reader's note

A vintage copy a much overlooked book in her bibliography, The Professor by Charlotte Brontë, alongside a collection of poems selected from all the Brontë sisters--one among a bounty of classic books and gorgeous vintage books on our 2nd hand bookstore! 'I know that a pretty doll, a fair fool, might do well enough for the honeymoon; but when passion cooled, how dreadful to find a lump of wax and wood laid in my bosom, a half-idiot clasped in my arms, and to remember that I had made of this my equal- nay, my idol- to know that I must pass the rest of my dreary life with a creature incapable of understanding what I said, of appreciating what I thought, or of sympathising with what I felt!'