A Heather Holiday by May Wynne


Title: A Heather Holiday

Author: May Wynne

Publisher: Blackie

Publication Date: Undated

Format: Hardcover

This book is in good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear. The pages are yellowing and there is an inscription on the free endpaper.
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Reader's note

And this summer holiday was such a surprise. Never before had the aunts invited their nephews and niece to Scotland, and now they had been asked to spend a whole month at Glenagrie. It just fitted in, too, since Mother and Dad had to go to London. So everyone was pleased-and was going to be more pleased still now the long-looked-forward-to time was here...feel the joy of your childhood holidays! This vintage childrens book is perfect for curling up in a cosy nook and reliving the fond memories!