A Guide To Trollope by The Trollope Society 1976

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Title: A Guide To Trollope

Author: Gerould

Publisher: The Trollope Society

Publication Date: 1976

Format: Hardback

This book is in very good condition for its age other than some minor signs of wear.

Reader's note

"There is a gallery of them, and of all in that gallery I may say that I know the tone of the voice, and the colour of the hair, every flame of the eye, and the very clothes they wear. Of each man I could assert whether he would have said these or the other words; of every woman, whether she would then have smiled or so have frowned." - Trollope, an auto-biography. Published by The Trollope Society, London, this informative guide to the works of Anthony Trollope is written by Winifred Gregory Gerould and James Thayer Gerould. With a floral patterned cover, this monochrome book would look beautiful on any bookshelf.