Brand Ambassadors


Meet Charlie

Charlie Edwards, @thebookboy

Aspiring Author and Instagrammer

A book enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, now living in the UK. Find out more about Charlie


Meet Celine

Chiara @celine.depoitier

Creative, Student and Blogger

Writer, traveller, romantic and Italian Architecture student. Find out more about Celine

Meet Caroline

Caroline Pears @pears39

Traveler, Photographer and Blogger

UK Lifestyle and book blogger and self-proclaimed Minimalist. Find out more about Caroline


Shelbi Starnes, @thenobbylife

English Lit Teacherand Blogger

Reader, educator, traveller, coffee/tea aficionado living in sunny America. Find out more about Shelbi

Meet Ashley our brand ambassador

Ashley @Biblio.babble

Book collector and Blogger

Self-proclaimed book nerd who adores animal and chocolate. Find out more about Ashley