How to create a chic shelfie | Country House Library Style

June 04, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

How to create a chic shelfie | Country House Library Style

As spring and summer are on the horizon, its time to sort out your shelfie. Be inspired by the calming cool tones of sunset yellows and radiant reds.  Bring some life into your home with the help of the country house library design team. 

With a few simple tools and some styling advise you'll be able to create this chic shelfie in your own home. 

The Shelf 

For the shelf, we upcycled an old bookshelf by sanding it down then adding a coat of white paint. To fix this onto the wall we rotated the shelf and used a standard drill.  By rotating the shelve we have created a larger surface area for the smaller books and plants to sit on. Don't be afraid to try something new when curating your space.  

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The Books 

 All of these books have been sourced from our library of goodies! For this colour scheme, we have selected a group of books that are of a more muted tone and have added in some accent colours such as bright yellow and orange.

Visit our decorative page here and search books by the colour to complete your ideal gradient colour scheme. 



This was easy! We added a few trinkets and some household plants. Including a beautiful blue and white traditional British cake and tea set paired a few succulent cactus. One of our favourite house plants is the Senecio Herreianus also known as your string of pearls plant, you can pick this little treasure up from your local gardening shop.



Want to show off your shelfie? Well, we are always welcoming creative bookies simply email us or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #CHLSHELFIE for a feature. 



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