The Most Beautiful Bookshelf Styles for Summer

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The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the season for all things beautiful is upon us - and that includes books. So now that your spring cleaning is done, it's time to build up your bookshelf and add to the beautiful summer vibe your home surely already has! Here are just a few of the most visually stunning bookshelf styles to make your literary collection really glow in the light of the summer sun.



Every vintage book, whether tucked away in the attic or stored in a box somewhere and forgotten about, deserves to find its place in the sun once again. Antique books, just like summer, should always be a welcome addition to any household, and a collection of vintage literature never goes out of fashion or loses its touch of class.

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What style could possibly be more suited for summer, when the petals, leaves, and flowers are illuminating the world in all their natural glory, than a floral book collection? Floral books never lose their appeal, and they certainly make for a bright and beautiful bookshelf. Top it off with a few flowers or plant pots of your own, and your bookshelf will literally come to life with summer!

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Books come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and it's their patterns and artwork that truly make them stand out from one another. Yes, we occasionally judge a book by its cover! Patterned book covers offer a beautiful and vibrant aesthetic, and there's a reason they have been a popular choice for centuries. Who doesn't want a bookshelf where each and every book offers a unique and colourful style in the light of the summer sun? Speaking of which...

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Summer is a season for colour, thanks to Mother Nature, but there are places the natural world cannot touch - like your home, for example. And, while you won't have anything living growing on your walls (or at least you should hope not), that doesn't mean you can't have just as much colour inside your house as you can in your garden. Colourful bookshelves should include ever colour the rainbow has to offer and more, so every time you look at your literary collection it will spark as much joy as the warmest season does!

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While we're all about vintage books, we completely understand the satisfaction that having a bookshelf filled with brand new editions, whether classic or recent, can provide. There's something special about getting yourself a brand new book, so obviously it's even better to have an entire shelf or bookcase of your favourite literary works in perfect and unused condition. Summer is the time for new things to grow, of course, and why shouldn't that include your selection of beloved reads?

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